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Signing up for IKiBlast is free, and by registering, you gain unrestricted access to multiple free applications or agents that allow you to explore artificial intelligence.

Free Access and Subscription Plans

Your registration grants you access to all IKiBlast agents that are labeled as 'free access'. Additionally, your registration allows you free access to our specialized AI agents in the "Living" category, although interactions are limited (currently limited to 5 per month).
IKiBlast offers three subscription plans: Essential (CHF18/month) for individuals, Premium (CHF88/month) for entrepreneurs and SME owners, and Pro (CHF288/month) for teams of up to 5 members. IKiBlast is also the main framework for upcoming platforms dedicated to integrating custom AI solutions in educational organizations (IKiGenia) and companies (IKiCorp).
By subscribing to the 'Essential' plan, you immediately gain full access to all available applications. However, the number of interactions is limited for 'Premium' and 'Pro' agents (currently limited to 10 interactions per month).
The 'Premium' and 'Pro' plans provide unlimited access to the platform for conventional usage (human interactions, not automated).

Here's How It Works

  1. Start by registering, and you will be redirected to the dashboard.
  2. On the dashboard, you have an overview of all AI agents, and you can simply select the one that best fits your current needs. You can also use the sidebar to filter agents by category or use IKiControl to search for the agent you need.
  3. On the specialized agent, enter your query in the chat to receive the most relevant solution. You can refer to use cases and explanations for each category on our blog.
  4. To provide tailored responses, the agent may ask you additional questions to perfectly identify your needs.
  5. In a matter of seconds, you will have the perfect solution to solve the problem.

While it keeps track of the user's latest interactions to prevent them from being lost when switching applications or unintentionally closing the window, the latest interactions are stored on the user's device so that their data is always in their possession, in a place where they have full control.

Voice Interactions

This version of IKiBlast is a text and voice-based generative AI platform. It not only allows text-to-voice interaction but also, on certain applications, purely oral interaction with the AI to make the use of AI even easier.

Democratizing and making the platform accessible is one of the founding team's priorities. English-speaking users should not have a monopoly on AI. No one should be left behind, which is why IKiBlast is already available in eight languages, with more languages soon to be added.

I Kimera, the founding team of IKiBlast, is committed to staying at the forefront of the AI market and providing users with the latest and most innovative solutions.

See for yourself how the IKiBlast platform works and how it can simplify your life by registering for free.

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