Easy registration with multiple authentication service providers

IKiBlast: The AI portal for streamlined productivity and increased creativity

On the homepage, click on the "Get Started for Free" button in the centre of the page. Alternatively, you can click on the "Register" button in the top right corner.

You will need to agree to the terms of use by clicking on the checkbox. You can view the terms of use directly by clicking on the link.

Then you can register in two ways. By logging into your Google or Facebook account, or by creating an IKiBlast account using your email address.

Use an account that allows us to identify you quickly. This way you'll get quality support and great benefits. 
IKiBlast is managed by a team based in Switzerland where privacy is a core value and trust is the key word.

Sign up with your Google GMail account

Start by clicking on the "Sign in with Google" button.
You will be redirected to a new login page belonging to Google.
You can change the language of this page on the button below the login window.

If you are using GMail, feel free to create an alias to use as a signup account. For example, create an alias in GMail and add the suffix +ikiblast to your first and last name as in this case:  
Some future applications will be able to process and generate large volumes of information and you will be notified by email when the processing is complete. It is therefore important to register from the start with an email account that you check regularly.

Select the Google Account you wish to use to register with IKiBlast.
If you have not saved your Google login information on your browser, you can enter your login details, email and password, in the dedicated fields.
Once you have selected the account you wish to use to register with IKiBlast, click on it to be redirected to the IKiBlast onboarding page to create your IA Space.

Sign up with your Facebook account

Start by clicking on the "Sign in with Facebook" button.
You will be redirected to a new Facebook login page.
Check the fields you will be sharing with us and then follow the instructions to complete your registration.

Register for an IKiBlast account

Simply enter your email address in the dedicated field and then enter the password of your choice. Make sure you enter a strong password, at least 6 characters are required but more is recommended. Then re-type your password in the required field. Please ensure that the passwords match. Then click on the "Start" button to confirm your registration. You will then be redirected to the IKiBlast onboarding page to create your AI Space.

You are responsible for accessing your account, if you believe that unauthorized access has occurred, contact IKiBlast support immediately (Contact form in footer). 

Create your IA Space

As soon as you confirm your login, you will be redirected to the Onboarding page which creates an AI space for you. This step has been automated for your comfort. This AI space will be used by future applications as a buffer for autonomous AI agents or as a sharing area within a company or friend network.

Go to the onboarding section to become more familiar with this step.