The Dashboard: an important component of the IKiVerse

Interface principle

To simplify navigation in an AI space that will soon host more than 100 applications or Artificial Intelligence agents (85 to date), we have integrated IKiBlade, this button at the top right of your screen: ⌘ .
It allows you to quickly search and find the agent that best fits your immediate need and already gives you access to setting options, such as language choice.

The IKiBlast interface can be broken down into 5 parts.
(1). The top bar which offers quick access to change the platform theme, language and access to the fold-out menu. This bar is bordered below by "The Neon", a light line that illuminates the main part.
(2). The sidebar, which can be expanded or collapsed, offers quick access to the different categories but also to the General Dashboard, Settings and Documentation.
(3). Underneath "The Neon", the lighted line illuminating the main part, the shortcut bar, to the right of the sidebar and to the left of the main interface, offers a quick way to switch between different applications in the same category.
(4). Also under "The Neon", the main interface offers two functions.

a. When you are on a Dashboard, whether general or category specific, you can select from a list of named AI applications with a brief description.
b. When you are in an AI application, you have access to the textual interface for interacting with the specialised Conversational Agent.

At the bottom of the text interface, there is a field for you to enter your queries. Once entered, press the Enter key on your keyboard to send the request. Alternatively, you can click on the send icon to the right of the input field to send the request.
If there was a service interruption or some other problem while processing the request you can press 'Resend', just below the submit icon, to resend your request.
If your request is particularly long and you have not received a response after a while, try to shorten your request, for example by switching it to the 'Summarise' application in the Writing category, and then try to resend it.

In the bottom right-hand corner of the text interface, you can :

  • Save your exchange with the AI Agent in text format (markdown) by clicking on the folder icon.
  • Clean up the contents of the text interface by clicking on the trash icon to gain clarity, your conversations will still be stored on your device so that you can view them when you use the AI Agent again.
  • Enter your request vocally by clicking on the microphone icon. Your browser may ask you to grant access to the microphone through the IKiBlast platform.

(5). The textual interface itself: Contained within the main interface, it is delimited by a subtle light frame. This interface can be scrolled, i.e. you can scroll up or down through the exchange with the conversational agent. If you want to scroll the main interface, scroll outside the light frame delimiting the textual interface.

On the left-hand side of the page, you have access to the sidebar at all times, which you can expand or collapse according to your preferences.

On mobile, this sidebar is accessible by clicking on the 3 horizontal bars at the top left of the screen.

By default, you are on the Dashboard from which you have an overview of the platform's applications. With the exception of "Dashboard", the first section, and "Programmer", the last section, the different sections of this sidebar are the different categories in which IKiBlast's AI applications are grouped.

Each application necessarily belongs to one of these categories. The categories "Writing", "Exploring", and "Living" are accessible by all users, while the categories "Marketing", "Selling", "Working", "Publishing", and "Programming", are reserved for professional plans, Premium and Pro memberships.

Clicking on one of the categories will take you to the Dashboard for that category. All the applications in that category are visible and you can select the one that is relevant to your situation or that best meets your needs.

How categories work

When you are on the Dashboard of a category, each application is distinguished by a name and a short description. To access it, simply click on the application of your choice.
Alternatively you can access the application of your choice by clicking on the shortcut bar which lists all the applications in the category.
This shortcut bar is also visible when you are using an application and allows you to quickly switch between different applications in the same category or access its Dashboard.
On mobile, this shortcut bar is replaced by a drop-down menu, just below the top bar.
Click on it to quickly select the application of your choice within a category.

On some mobiles, when you access the Dashboard, the interface may not seem to fit the size of the screen.  
To fix this, use your fingers to zoom the interface out as much as possible. The same problem may occur when you try to enter text in the text interface input field.  
After entering your query, do the same thing to zoom out as much as possible.
We will be addressing these minor issues in the near future via a dedicated mobile app(s).