Introducing Flexible Pricing for AI-Powered Applications and Services

At IKiBlast, we offer flexible pricing options that adapt to the usage load of our platform. Subscribing now gives you exclusive access to our AI-powered applications and services at the subscribed price. You'll continue to enjoy the benefits at the initial rate, even if prices increase in the future. And if prices decrease, you'll automatically enjoy the reduced rates without any additional action required. It's our way of rewarding early adopters and ensuring maximum value for your subscription.


Meet AI to Streamline Your Life
tax not incl.(€/$/£) Monthly
  • Access to All AI Agents
  • Up to 1 million words
  • Confidential (local storage)
  • Internet connectivity


IkimerIA at her Full Potential
tax not incl.(€/$/£) Monthly
  • Access to All AI Agents
  • Unlimited (fair use)
  • Confidential (local storage)
  • Internet connectivity


Custom AI at your Fingertips
Contact us
  • All + Custom AI Agents
  • Custom AI (annual subscr.)
  • Confidential & Private AI
  • Custom AI Chatbot
By subscribing to IKiBlast, you become a vital part of our young and dynamic startup, driving the development of groundbreaking AI-powered applications while prioritizing your safety and peace of mind. Your subscription not only grants you access to cutting-edge technology but also fuels our relentless pursuit of innovation. With your support, we will invest in pushing the boundaries of AI technology to new heights.To get started, click the "Start for free" button on any plan. This grants you limited access to IkimerIA, our advanced AI assistant. Experience the power of AI firsthand and enhance your productivity.When you're ready to unlock the full potential of our platform, upgrading to a subscription is easy. Just click the "Free Plan" button in the upper right corner of your session window. This seamless upgrade process gives you access to all premium features and benefits.Join us today and be at the forefront of AI innovation. Experience the transformative power of AI with IKiBlast. Click the "Start for free" button now and embark on your AI journey with us. Rest assured, any future price reductions will also be applied to our valued subscribers.By choosing IKiBlast, you align yourself with a company that is committed to delivering new and exciting responsible AI advancements at an unprecedented pace. Experience the power of responsible AI with IKiBlast, where your safety and security are our top priorities.

Subscription Plan Benefits

What You Get with Each IKiBlast Plan

Feature / PlanFreeEssentialPremiumCorp
MonthlyFreemium7.90 (CHF/€/$/£)17.90 (CHF/€/$/£)Contact us
Annual (2 months free)-79 (CHF/€/$/£)179 (CHF/€/$/£)Contact us
CategoriesAll AI AgentsAll AI AgentsAll AI AgentsAll AI Agents, Custom Chatbot, Custom AI Model
Usage Limits (conversational AI)25 AI interactions per weekUp to 1 million words per monthUnlimited (fair use)Unlimited
Users login111Unlimited
Security & privacyConfidential (local storage)Confidential (local storage)Confidential (local storage)Confidential (local storage), dedicated AI model
Fine-tuned AI
Tailored modelNoNoNoYes
AI AgentsTextual, Vocal, Visual AI interactionsTextual, Vocal, Visual AI interactionsTextual, Vocal, Visual AI interactionsTextual, Vocal, Visual & Autonomous AI interactions
Custom AI ChatBotNoNoNoYes (Yearly Plan Only)
IkimerIA ChatYesYesYesYes
40+ languagesYesYesYesYes
Summary browser extensionNoNoYes (beta)Yes (beta)
SupportEmailEmail + Live ChatPriority Email + Live ChatPriority Email + Live Chat
OnboardingTutorials, VideoTutorials, Video, Weekly Q&A (coming soon)Tutorials, Video, Weekly Q&A (coming soon)Personalized onboarding (Yearly Plan & On Request only)
TrainingTutorials, VideoTutorials, Video, Weekly Q&ATutorials, Video, Weekly Q&APersonalized training & formation on demand
IKimera Community Access (coming soon)NoYesYesYes
IKimera business Community Access (coming soon)NoNoYesYes
Content ownership