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Our conversational AI use cases offer a broad range of topics and themes to assist you in creating a unique and efficient AI interaction. You can apply these use cases immediately by simply reaching our AI agents on IKiBlast's dashboard. Try our free assistants today and discover how our AI technology can help you stand out in the digital world! This list shows only a fraction of all the possibilities opened by IKiBlast, you can imagine the rest just by browsing in the search bar.


Tasks Generation - use case

Need to manage and deliver a project quickly? Automatically generate tasks based on project requirements, deadlines, and available resources.


Write a Book - use case

You always wanted to write a book didn’t’ you? Now you have the time and the resources. With IKiBlast write your bio in minutes and share it with your family and friends.


Cooking made easy - use case

You want to impress your relatives with delicious meals? Or just make a quick lunch without overthinking? The specialized Agent can provide you the perfect recipe and the grocery list to do it based on your wishes, restrictions, or budget limitation.


Personal finance - use case

Budgeting is not fun but now it’s easy. Track your spending with AI and manage your finances with ease.


Debug code - use case

Clean code is beautiful especially when it elegantly solves a complex problem right? With AI programming has never been easier and accessible, come up with solution, write it elegantly and comment your code in no time. Still some bug? Let AI identify it and fix it in no time.


Work business plan - use case

You always wanted to launch your entrepreneurial journey but never knew where to start? Now you can start your dream venture in seconds.


Pitch a product - use case

Need to convince other peoples to buy or invest in your product? Create a compelling pitch tailored to your product with our optimized AI agent.


Explore prompts - use case

Want to create your own world? Be inspired and create beautiful images or amazing 360° scenes.


Marketing-research - use case

Conducting marketing research is boring and time-consuming! AI can help you do one in no time based on your business ideas.


Write an email - use case

Stop wasting time anymore or relying on relatives to correct your text. Write and respond instantly with AI. Describe the context in few words, chose the tonality of your email, personalize, and send.


Generate landing page - use case

Coming up with the right copy is difficult right? especially if you want to do some A/B testing? Based on your concept, generate the perfect landing page in seconds, copy it and paste it into the code.


Buyer awareness - use case

Use IkimerIA to guide you in your marketing and sales effort for identifying the level of awareness that potential customers have about your product or service and tailor your marketing and sales strategies accordingly.


Job interview - use case

Are you scared of job interview? Are you too stressed to show off your skills? With the job interview simulator, paste the job description and be trained by AI in an immersive experience to finally get the job of your dream.


Product feedback - use case

Building a new product but you don’t know if it’s a good concept? Receive valuable feedback on your product from AI simulations.


Learn with AI - use case

You want to improve your skillset? Become proficient in oral expression while learning any subject you interested in with AI.


Social Media content - use case

Need help coming up with new social media strategies? Or you want to execute one but are short of content ideas? With AI you can write engaging scripts, courses, informative contents, or blog post in seconds.