IKiBlast is an all-in-one AI platform designed to simplify every aspect of your work, business, and daily life by offering specialized AI assistants who are experts in their field to get relevant answers simply by having a natural conversation with them. It is a comprehensive solution that enables individuals and businesses to harness the power of AI in a simple, intuitive, and accessible way, so you can focus on what matters most: your family, colleagues, or customers.

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Meet our specialized AI Assistants, and let them respond to emails in no time.

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A team of expert AI crafted for your success

AI to Scale your Business, Multiply your Teams' Productivity, or Launch your Own Projects in Minutes

Operations, R&D, Marketing, Sales, Customer Service - Simplify every aspect of your business with expert AI. Reduce your costs and Compete with Giants.

Business proposalBusiness StrategyClient CommunicationCustomer servicesAccountingEvent ManagementFAQLegalDraw ChartsFinancial AnalysisCrisis ManagementKPIsOKRs/SMARTProduct ManagementProduct FeedbackPublic RelationsPublic RelationsSupply ChainIT Supportand more to come...

Interact with AI to Explore it

Discover AI, Master its interactions, Harness its potential in just a few minutes, and Learn anything you like.

Chat with AIGenerate PromptsApply PromptsYour private cultural and educational companionIKiFlowand more to come...Chat with AIGenerate PromptsApply PromptsYour private cultural and educational companionIKiFlowand more to come...

10 Free AI Writing Assistants to never be caught off guard again

Improve Writings, Respond Faster, and Share with One Click.

Send emailAnswer an emailWrite a tweetAnswer a tweetPaste an articleSummarize textSimplify textChange styleDevelop your ideaComment posts

Attract and nurture leads automatically with AI

Effortlessly navigate the intricate world of advertising, branding, storytelling, and optimization with AI.

AdvertiserBrandingCopywritingEmail marketingUSP generatorOptimizationPaid adsResearchReview marketingSEOStorytellerStrategyand more to come...

Creating and Publishing made Easy with AI

Effortlessly transcend the barriers of writer's block and craft compelling content that resonates in seconds.

Blog creationBook creationContent ideaContent strategyCourse creationHigh Value ContentScript a TikTok & ReelsTutorial creationScript a Youtube videoand more to come...

Drive more sales faster, and easier using Specialized AI Assistants

Simplify every step of your sales process and multiply the result of your sales team with AI.

Conversion testimonialsCTA generatorFunnel creationLanding page generatorOpt-in page generatorPersuasive bullet pointsProduct pitch
Product descriptionProduct FAQReal estate listingObjections handlingSales ScriptProduct nameand more to come...

Simplify your daily life with 25+ specialized AI Assistants

Easily tackle everyday hurdles, from cooking and doing the groceries to planning the perfect vacation.

Activity suggestionsAphorismCover letterJob InterviewYour language learning companionYour travel translatorMechanicBuddhaBudget allocationDietetitianDream interpreterProductivity expertGardeningGrocery listItem repairerLife coachMotivation coacheBusiness PlanParty organizerPersonal chefPersonal TrainerPet behavioristTerminate contractTravel Guideand more to come...
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Designed in Switzerland, the platform is your Swiss Army knife for AI needs, with a range of AI Agents that are fine-tuned to specific use cases. IKiBlast is here to multiply your productivity and your results in your business, work, and daily life.

Do 10x more in just 1/10 of the time

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Do 10x more in just 1/10 of the time

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Voice or Text - Interact the way you prefer

Speak or Listen

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Specialized AI Assistants just for you

Life & Work

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Accessible to everyone


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Seamless Integration with Daily Life

Any Time / Any Where

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Confidentiality by design


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